After a year of debating, experimenting, learning and testing ideas, methods and programs, it was about time that we open the gates of the SCHUBZ center to share our ideas with the rest of the world. This October we had a whole week of events promoting education as we want to offer it for the children in the future.
On October 18th we officially opened the SCHUBZ Educational Center fr Sustainable Development in Rasnov joined by the representatives of DBU – German Foundation for Environmental Protection, of the Rasnov Townhall and by our partner organizations. Together with two classes of pupils from the Peter Thal School we showed our guests a part of the methods we will use in our programs for children. We also joyfully received the support and good wishes of our colleagues from the SCHUBZ Center in Luneburg that helped us to get to this point in our activity.


On the 19th of October Mihai Dragomir, the director of the SCHUBZ Center in Rasnov, accompanied by Mr. Frank Corleis and Ms. Lena Wabs from the SCHUBZ Center in Luneburg, took part in the press conference of the Brasov County Council. On this occasion they presented the SCHUBZ Romania Initiative and the opportunities we offer to the schools and to children in our county. The issue was interesting for Brasov media and people, who could find details about it from online and offline sources that covered the event:

Event photo: schubz-romania-opening-photo-documentation_18-10-16_small

On October 21st the SCHUBZ team was a guest of the Transilvania University in Brasov. Together with the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, that is one of our partners, we organized the Symposium “Education for Sustainable Development”. 40 students of the university, part of them already involved in teaching or supporting the educational institutions in Brasov, gathered to learn about the principles and the methods of education for sustainable development from Mr. Frank Corleis. They also had the opportunity to test some of these methods themselves during a practical session and they discussed about the possibilities of volunteering and cooperating with SCHUBZ Romania in Rasnov. Picture from the event schubz-romania-symposium-photo-documentation_21-10-2016_small

Saturday October 22nd was the Open House Day at the SCHUBZ Center. More than 60 children, together with some teachers and parents visited us in Rasnov to participate in demonstration programs which gave space to their creativity, energy and curiosity. Forest, Water, Energy, Birds, Herbs, Recycling – those were the main themes that offered the children opportunities to experiment together in an atmosphere of joy and excitement, as it was captured also by the media present on site:

During the afternoon, children actively participated in a Bakery Program, preaparing traditional potatoes bread after a saxon recipe and baking it in a wooden oven at the SCHUBZ Center.

Photos: schubz-romania-open-house-day-photo-documentation_22-10-2016_small

So, in this way, we made our way into the community of Rasnov, where the Educational Center for Sustainable Development will offer to children, teachers and families programs that take them closer to nature and accompanies them in discovering its mystery and its importance to our life.