Grade: 5-7 Location: outside
Children go on a trip along a section of the river close to their homes. They observe and discuss about the role of the water for their town and its quality. Working and playing in teams, children discover small animals from the river and learn to determine water quality based on the presence or absence of certain species. They have fun getting in direct contact with the water and become aware of its importance for their life.

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Program Information

Duration of all programs 1,5-3 hours.

For outside offers:
The programs take place either in a forest or at a river nearby your School or nearby the SCHUBZ Centre in Rasnov.
We always have an alternative program when it rains inside in the SCHUBZ Centre or inside your School.

For indoor offers:
The programs take place either at the SCHUBZ Centre or at your School.

Individual modification:
All programs can be adapted to your needs and different requests. We can also organize half a day programs or school trips in nature. Therefore, we can support you to find transport solutions, accommodations and specific programs  according to your interests.
We can always support you with finding the best solution for transportation to the SCHUBZ Centre if needed.
Please discuss details with the SCHUBZ team.