6000 children, 20 types of educational
programmes, 6 kids clubs

“At SCHUBZ I learned that they are all different and all have their purpose in life. Every plant has its role.” As
the children from the Seeds of Science Club told us, this year we have followed our own purpose, we have
continued to explore nature and the relationship that people have with it, and we have opened our doors,
garden and hearts to those who seek new ways to learn and enjoy life. Together with a growing network of
partners from Romania and Germany, supported by donors from the community and beyond, we have
created new educational programs, we have diversified the activities offered to children of all ages and we have
accompanied each of them in discovering their unique gifts. We have all been inspired by nature and supported
learning through various means – exploration, music, theatre, painting, laboratory experiments, gardening – to
facilitate the development of children in the spirit of harmony and responsibility for life, each in its own role.

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