Within the EDUWILDLIFE project we have 10 wildlife clubs throughout the country. From Râșnov to Hateg, Brașov, Săvârșin, Vrancea, SânPetru, Zărnești, Mercheașa, 10 children, who represent the clubs, arrived at us at the Schubz Center. We met to meet and prepare for the Living with wolf, bear and lynx Conference in Loccum, Germany.

The main activities carried out were the presentation of the Schubz center, games of knowledge, sharing of experiences within the clubs but especially the exploration of the competences and roles for the presentation in Germany. We worked together on choosing a theme and some means of expression, wrote scripts, poems, penned messages about life in the vicinity of large carnivorous territories.

It was a beautiful experience in which participants, both children and adults, enjoyed and created friendships and bonds for the future.

More information about the project can be found at https://www.edu-wildlife.eu/index.php/en/. Here the teachers can find a lot of useful information about the theme “Wild life and education for sustainable development (short EDD)”.