During the “Scoala Altfel” week in Rasnov, between April 18 and 22, the team of the SCHUBZ Centre is conducting experiential programs in nature, with the pupils of the Peter Thal School. 150 children from grades II to V take part in classes outside school, experimenting nature elements by themselves.

Schubz-Rasnov-natura-lectie-in-padure schubz-rasnov-lectie-chimie

„We have three programs, 90 minutes each, leading children through the genuine world of the forest, of water and of protected areas. We go together with them to recognize and to feel the trees, to understand through games the connections existing in the living world and the responsibility we have, as humans, to keep them in balance. We make experiments and encourage the children to work in teams and to each use their special gifts.” says Florentina Florescu, ecologist, member of the SCHUBZ Romania team.

Through its programs, SCHUBZ Romania completes and supports the school curricular areas connected to environmental awareness, offering the pupils the opportunity to directly experience the concepts and examples they learn about from books. During the “Scoala Altfel” three programs are running: “Discover the forest with all senses”, “Water Laboratory” and “Natural Protected Areas”. During this last one, the pupils go on a trip to visit the new Information Centre of the Piatra Craiului National Park Administration near Zarnesti.